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My name is Masego Bagopi, currently employed by the Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL). I am a mother of two and my children are twenty three and seventeen. The first child is a boy and he is called Tshepang(trusting) and the younger one is a girl and she is callled Refilwe (We have been given or gift). They are both staying with us in Gaborone.

Now Back to my career life. In BOCODOL I am work for the School of Education. This School is reponsible for developing course materials for secondary level programmes and tertiary level courses in the field of Education. So far we only have only one tertiary level programme which we are still developing - and this is the diploma in Early Childhood Development for teachers. We hope to be able to start offering this programme in 2010 and we are therefore looking for eixisting self- instructional materials which we can use to start off the course. I am therefore appealing to anyone who reads this and is aware of any institution that has materials for this programme to alert me


BOCODOL itself is a parastatal organisation created by an Act Parliament of 1998. It is an open and distance learning organisation which offers programmes at secondary and tertiary level as well as short inservice courses. BOCODOL teaches using mainly printed materials which are then supported by audio, video and face to face tutorials. We would now like to start experimenting with online programmes especially as we are now venturing into more tertiary programmes. We think this will be possible since learners at this level are workers and therefore most of them have access to computers either at work or at home.

Following are the Programmes that are offered by the School of Education:

level! Program
secondary JC
Secondarey BGCSE
Tertiary diploma

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