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Today I would like to talk about investing. There is no doubt that in todays world there need for more and more education about ways of investing. In think the current world economic crises is a wake up to indicate that we are not doing enough to prepare people for such kind of periods. Economic depressions have always happened since time immemorial and therefore they should not take us by suprise when they happen. This kind of Education is even more important for countries like Botswana where ones wealth is measured by the number of cattle that one has and people still have serious problems handling money. Even though we have been operating with the money economy for sometime now, it continues to elude us and people need to be conscietised on the need to diversify their sources of income.

Some of the question that will be addressed here are as follows: 
  • What is investing
  • Various ways of investing in Botswana and internationally

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  • Define Investment

  • Explain the different methods of investments

What is Investing?

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There are many definitions of what is investing is but the difference is more on the choice of words than in meaning. Investing as defined here is as per this website [1]