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Employer:Netday Namibia
Occupation:ICT in Education Consultant
Other roles:Consultant - ICT 4 E & D
Nationality:Namibia (Holland), born in Congo, honorary Nigerian
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WikiEducator motivation - the wiki and me

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To teach people about OERs and other social networking skills, including

  • wikis
  • online photo albums
  • Chat
  • Skype
  • MXIT
  • dot MOBI

As educators we must remind ourselves that we know how to effectively train people, and that we cannot sacrifice our educational beliefs and philosophies to technology for the sake of (new) technology. Given this context, it must be noted that Namibia has dedicated the past 15 years to reforming its educational policies and practices. Within these policies and policy implementation plans, technology is often acknowledged for its ability to introduce change. Accordingly, we must be on the lookout for opportunities to introduce positive changes and model better pedagogical practices.


Some of the newer information communications technologies (like blogs and wikis!) are excellent (social networking) tools for encouraging project-based, inquiry-based, learner-centred, and constructivist education practices. They also provide a great theme for professional development, as they give in-service and pre-service trainers new and exciting sets of skills to teach.

Opportunities to introduce innovative change and model new pedagogies are rare. If Namibia misses its chances with these new education tools, it may also waste an opportunity to effect reform and will then fail to have these new technologies effectively integrated into the Namibian education system.

It is in these contexts that I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the WikiEducator project; it challenges some of the more common approaches undertaken when introducing students and educators to information and communication technologies. More specifically, I believe this project may provide food for thought for Namibia's Ministry of Education professionals considering how the Ministry should continue its process of introducing new technologies into the Namibian education system. I expect this project to draw from my experiences with local ICT and education projects here in Namibia.

Good educators and well-educated students know how to use tools to enhance education. I believe that an education project should start with a good set of objectives, and an appropriate set of metrics to monitor, evaluate and report on. This project does so. Furthermore, by distinctly de-emphasising the conventional expectation of expert training and certification, this project may also help prevent a large number of our stakeholders - administrators, staff, teachers, and students - from falling prey to poor basic computer literacy training programmes.

Technologies can be very useful when thoughtfully introduced into an education system, but I feel strongly that it makes much more sense to encourage students to thoughtfully and enjoyably adopt these technologies into their daily activities rather than forcing them to take questionably-effective and pedagogically-unsound technology literacy courses.

In consideration of introducing new technologies into Education Systems I believe the WikiEducator project focuses educational outcomes and educational objectives on the ability to demonstrate the effective and creative use of technology in a relevant educational context. It is good practice that the technology training activities almost immediately begin with using the technology on relevant, project-based learning activities. ICT integration, rather than “clickity-click”, is clearly a key goal of this project.

--tatejoris 18:52, 17 March 2008, Gabarone, Botswana

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