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Today is: 23, June 2024

My sandbox

About me

My name is Laban M Oenga and iam a Kenyan living 85kms from Kogelo village at the shores of Lake Victoria (the second largest fresh lake in the world), Kisumu (the 3rd largest city in Kenya). It is a great city which can be accessed by road, rail, lake, airport among others. The airport is being upgraded in preparation for AIRFORCE 1 to land when the man (Obama) feels like landing there. God bless Kenya for it has one of its own by blood in the White House.

Iam a Lecturer in one of the youngest universities in Kenya (Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology) I lecture courses in Computer science.

Iam currently learning ODL so that i can be able to develop content for my students. My instructor is Rosario Passos from canada British (Beautiful) Columbia.

Interests and hobbies

  1. Serving God.
  2. Reading professional materials.
  3. Watching news e.g. CNN, Geographical and Wild.
  4. Travelling.


  1. To be like Obama.
  2. To pursue my PhD.
  3. To serve my community(Kenya).
  4. Incalculate values and morals starting with me and others.


Email: Yahoo mesenger: msn messenger: Tel:+254-723173828