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Contact-new.svg Prince M. Obiri-Mainoo
Employer:National Africa Foundation (NAF)
Occupation:Executive Director
Country:USA, Ghana
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My profile


My name is Prince M. Obiri-Mainoo. I currently live in the United States with my family. I am originally from Ghana and living in the United States. I am the Executive Director of the National Africa Foundation (NAF), which is also based in the United States with Africa's Regional Offices in Ghana. I recently joined the team of instructors at the African Language Program at the Department of African and African American Studies at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I also facilitate programs for the Pentecost Leadership Training Institute (PLTRC) in Massachusetts. For more information on NAF go to and on PLTRC go to


I started as an elementary school teacher and later as a teacher in the training college in Ghana and ended up as a K-12 Instructional Technology Teacher in the United States. In the intervening years, I joined the bank and later set up my first non-governmental organization (NGO), Mac's Vision International, which has recently been incorporated into my second NGO, [National Africa Foundation.] I trained as a basic education teacher in Ghana before studying on my own to enter the University of Ghana for my bachelor's degree in Political Science and History. In the United States, I enrolled at the [Lesley University] for my Masters in Technology in Education degree.

I spend time online as a facilitator of e-learning and online programs in Computer Literacy. Recently, I joined the faculty of the African Language Program as an instructor in the Asante Twi Language at Harvard University Twi is widely spoken in Ghana and some neighboring countries in the West Africa sub-region and gradually emerging as the country's lingua franca.

My goal is to learn all aspects of [Wiki Educator] and use it to conduct training for both students and teachers, especially from Ghana and sub-Sahara Africa through [WiZiQ] and [Teachers Without Borders]. As a training administrator at the Pentecost Leadership Training and Retreat Center, I also intend using Wiki Educator and WiZiQ for my online programs.

My interests

I'm interested in: Networking with other educators online, online learning and teaching others in the virtual classroom:

  • OERs
  • E-learning
  • Computer Literacy
  • Teacher Education
  • Networking with educators to share educational resources online

My Websites and Blogs

My website is at the National Africa Foundation (NAF) at [1] and the current blog, Media:Pentecost Leadership Training and Retreat Center (PLTRC) is at

The NAF website reports mainly on our activities both in the United States and Africa while the PLTRC is for ongoing activities at the center.
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*Good job done by youUser:Rajnish Pandey

  • Akwaaba, Oheneba,
Very nice to meet you here. WikiEducator is a very warm and comfortable community. () . If there is any way I can help you, please let me know (coloured backgrounds, margins, user pages in multiple languages). Come visit my user page. Also, just to remind you, I put up a new page on which you can practice collaborating, by using your editorial skills included in the tutorial. See: Alternative Teaching methods and add your comments, criticisms, more methods, or reflections. Just try it. Cheers, Phil. --Phil Bartle 10:44, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

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  • This is a wonderful start, Prince. Keep practicing the wiki skills. --Nellie Deutsch 19:39, 20 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Great to see you in the tutorial, Oheneba, and to see your user page. Do you have any concerns about the quality of educational resources developed using an open authoring approach? If so, what are your concerns? If not, how does an open authoring approach contribute to high quality learning materials?--Phil Bartle 19:33, 20 June 2009 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Hello. Please click edit and fill in the personal information box. Don't forget to add your photo instead of the photo of wikieducator. Thank you. --Nellie Deutsch 04:49, 7 June 2009 (UTC)) (Comment.gif: Dear Prince. I am really glad to see you here again. Welcome! Hope you are enjoying the course. Warm wishes --Patricia 18:23, 27 July 2009 (UTC))

  • Hi Kwaaku, I was drawn to your profile and was pleased to find another Kwaku since I have a Ghanian friend in Trinidas with your name. Hope you do benefit from your time with wikis. All the best in your work.--Allison Sarjeant 20:51, 11 June 2009 (UTC)
  • Kwaku is an Akan soul name and means Wednesday.--Phil Bartle 18:02, 13 June 2009 (UTC) See: