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A teacher by profession, I am Vice Principal at St.Stephen's College in South Trinidad. I teach French to a class in the lower school.

My greatest joy at school is to see progress in students and in the instituion as a whole. I believe in 'the power of instruction and classroom interaction' to transform the lives of children and youth


I strongly believe in a school that takes into consideration the views of the entire community, students, teachers and stakeholders.
The joy of education

I see teaching as a helping profession and I enjoy interacting with other teachers. I work with a few friends to bring support to young and lifelong learners in the profession.

"Teachers must be collegial and uplift each other, teachers must use their collective energies and their collective voice, through the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association to ensure that the doors are opened to the students, so that success, prosperity and development come to a Trinidad and Tobago that produces citizens who are willing and ready to do their part in facilitating human development in this precious space in the world."quoted from speech DELIVERED by Clyde PERMELL TO TEACHERS - OCTOBER 2007

I wish to launch today my work with teachers under PCPro Teach to bring IT supported solutions to the problems teacher face. If you have a need just send an email to me.



Main Feature of Informal Letter Writing


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