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My Sandbox: Just like you play with sand, make a castle and then it gets back to sand, the same thing applies here. Sandbox is a box in your page for trying out new ideas before putting up on your page. My try-them-out follows.

I have been here only since October 3, 2008. Keep watching me add content....especially all the Botanists here..... Gita Mathur 15:10, 5 October 2008 (UTC)

I love colours and hence am practising using colours on text


Photography and Photomicrography

On this page I have samples of various methods of putting in Photographs on a WikiEducator page.
Note the followings:

  1. a smiley image in the top box
  2. picture of Flag of India in a small size on top of the page
  3. small photo of me just below the flag
  4. my photo inside the box on the right
  5. images of Wiki Certification, Wikineighbour and Ubuntu user in the box
  6. four bigger photos one below the other. Read the caption by holding the curser on the photo
  7. my photo Gallery with thumbnails and captions in frame
  8. click on the thumbnails to see enlarged photo.
  9. Flag of India in a big size. Showing movement
  10. image of a string of flowers, bright & showing sparkling effect.
  11. additional smilies in many places
  12. three contact sheets each having 12 photos under a common heading, left aligned one below the other
  13. click on them to enlarge and click again to further enlarge
  14. Microscopic image of dividing cells of onion root tip to show all the stages of cell division. click to enlarge the photo.
  15. at the bottom of the page see the ornamental bells string image
  16. last is an animated teacher asking you to check out my page :-)

See all the options, select the one you prefer when you want to add a picture on your WikiEducator page.

My writeup for India Main Page

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Featured WE:Dr. Cynthia D’Costa

Dr. Cynthia D’Costa is an Indian citizen interested in e-content creation. She has a unique educational background with M.A(Hist), M.Sc(Inorganic Chemistry), M.Ed. and Ph.D (Education). She has taught Mathematics, Science & Geography in school and Educational Philosophy and Educational Psychology at college.
Dr. D'Costa was part of the team that created courses 'Teacher as an e-learning specialist' and "Action Research" for The Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University which has launched a programme entitled Bachelor in e-education.
She came to Wikieducator in May 2010 as participant of one of the Learning4Content online trainings, and has since then been actively contributing content to WikiEducator.
Her view of WikiEducator is described here:

W here the learner is without fear
I mmediate help is quite near
K nowledge runs free
I nherent creativity on the spree
E nrichment for empowerment - the only goal
D eeply committed facilitators play their role
U and I work in tow
C aring to help one another grow
A world sans a digital divide
T hrough wikieducator we can provide
O pen Education Resources for all to use
R ejoice, Wikieducator brings you good news
Dr. Cynthia has motivated a number of teacher-educators and trainee-teachers to join the WE workshops. She recently completed a minor research project on "Constructivist Approach to Teacher Education vis-a-vis Online Learning". Her online course for Principals featured on her WE page got much appreciation and a modified version of the same was published by her in January 2011. Dr. Cynthia was selected for UPE Award of WikiEducator for September 2010. Her page is full of attractively organised content. She is interested in travelling,likes dabbling with computers, surfing the net. She loves word games, crosswords and puzzles like sudoku. She also likes creative work like drafting scripts for street plays. She reads extensively anything from psycho spiritual to comics. And she likes cooking too. An online WE course in Educational Research is her next target.

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Featured WE: Indira

Dr. Indira Koneru is working as a Faculty Member in the Department of Library Science at ICFAI Academic Wing, Hyderabad. Involved in Courseware Design and Development activities of ICFAI UG/PG Programs, offered through Distance Mode. She also developed content for Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University. A Certified Moodler co-facilitates Integrating Technology - Moodle for Teachers Workshops.

She holds a Doctoral Degree in Open Distance Education; M.Phil. in Library and Information Science; two Postgraduate Degrees, one in Library and Information Science and the other in Sociology. She is a Life-long Learner and participates in Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programs and Professional Development Courses to update her knowledge and upgrade her skills. Her participation in Certificate Course in Moodle for Teachers, Certificate Course in Instructional Design, Certificate Course in E-learning Policies, Learning 4 Content online workshop equipped her with the skills required to contribute to open education movement and co-facilitate Moodle for Teachers Professional Development Workshops.

She is the seventh Indian to attain WikiArtisan Status. INFOSEEK, Information Literacy Learning Content is her major contribution to WikiEducator. Designing and developing online open learning modules are her research interests. She wishes to collaborate with the Library & Information Science Educators and Open Distance Educators to develop open content for India.

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Featured WE: Anil Prasad

Anil Prasad is an Appointed member of the WikiEductor Community Council. This is an honour given to only a few WikiEducators of the international community. Anil is a true Volunteer Educator because in spite of not being an academician like most of us, he is devoted to eduction. He is presently the Nodal Officer (Website), Finance Department, Govt. of Kerala, India. He is a dedicated WikiEducator who has started the India Node on WikiEducator. He strongly believes that Online Open Distance Learning is the real promise for the future of higher education. Through India page he brought the Indian WikiEducators together and paved way for the formation of India Chapter of WikiEducator.

Apart from WikiEducator he is an active participant of Development Gateway communities, Solution Exhange communities of UNDP, GKP Net, Open Learn of the Open Univeristy of UK etc. In all these online forums Anil is always very keen to promote WikiEducator. Links to his thoughts on a wide veriety of subjects are available from his user page. He calls himslef as a Free and Open thought Engine.

Anil's major contributions on WikiEducator can be viewed at:

He is also contributing to Lifelong Learning for Farmers project of Commonwealth of Learning and organized two WikiEducator workshops in Colombo Srilanka and Madurai, India to develop Agricultural Open Education Resources on WikiEducator along with Agricultural scientists, teachers and farmers. He has also provided support in conducting WikiEducator workshops in London (during the Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning at University of London) and in New Delhi. As a devoted WikiArtisan he perform network management functions & participates in network development projects. Above all he is a true WikiNeighbour, encouraging all new members.

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Dr. Dilip P. Barad holds Ph.D. degree from Saurashtra University and M.A. from Bhavnagar University where he teaches in the Department of English as a senior lecturer.He has recently (in Dec 2008) cleared GSET (Gujarat State Eligibility Test) for the eligibility for lecturership. He has vast experience of teaching communication skills to the students of Business Management and Commerce. He taught Business Correspondence and Communication Skills at NRV Institute of Business Management and JJCET Commerce College (Saurashtra University), Junagadh (Gujarat) for 10 years. He has presented research papers in several international and national seminars/conferences and has also published research papers in journals and magazines. He has done his Ph.D. research on Thomas Hardy and his areas of interest are CALL, Literary Criticism, use of ICT in TELL, Business Correspondence, Communication Skills, English Language and Literature. He has successfully completed C.I.C.(Certificate in Computing) from IGNOU, so he has first hand experience of distance education and have good exposure to SLM and OERs. He has applied for counselling for English course under Ambedkar Open University. and IGNOU courses for B.A., M.A. and other English Language Courses. Being co-ordinator of fully computerized, LAN based language lab (which runs under Ambedkar Open University.), he has good experience of working for Open universities and he is associated with text book & material production for the same courses.

Having a wealth of experience and exemplary credentials Dilip P. Barad, Ph.D has steadily increased his participation in WikiEducator since July 2008. Dr. Barad is also an excellent ambassador for WikiEducator as he frequently speaks of the benefits of accessing and in contributing to WikiEducator. Dr. Barad has an excellent user page that showcases how text, photos and rich media can be used to portray information and ideas. The Userpage of Dr. Dilip P. Barad was selected as the UPE award winner for March 2009.


Round Generic Award Ribbon.svg This user page has been featured at the User Page Expo!


Indian Awardee No. Total International Awardees
Month & Year
First 6 December 2008 Dr. Gita Mathur
Associate Professor of Botany, Gargi College, University of Delhi, India
Second 8 March 2009 Dr. Dilip P. Barad
Senior Lecturer in English,Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Third 12 July 2009 Dr.Anubha Das
Assistant Professor of Zoology in Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi, India
Fourth 22 July 2010 Sanjay Kumar Pandagale
Assistant Professor in Education, NCERT, Bhopal, India
Fifth 24 September 2010 Dr. Cynthia D’Costa
Teacher-Educator at Pushpanjali College of Education, Vasai, Maharashtra, India
Sixth 26 March 2011 Dr Kalpana S Gupte
Deputy Director at Indira Gandhi National Open University, Regional Centre, Pune. India
Seventh 28 May 2011 DR K S Ramakrishnan
Assistant Professor, School of Education, Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
KSR Photo.jpg
StudioFibonacci Cartoon peacock.png

This user is a Member of Interim Advisory Board of WikiEducator India

StudioFibonacci Cartoon peacock.png
This user is a Member of
Interim Advisory Board of WikiEducator India

This user is one of the WE Featured_L4C_graduates

(Comment.gif: Join in advance, to participate in the online live discussion. You may interact by typing as in chat or get a mic & headphones to talk and a webcam to be seen.--Gita Mathur 11:05, 21 April 2010 (UTC))

L4C-small.png This user is a WE Featured_L4C_Graduate

Test New Page


Two online workshops on e-Learning and Developing Open Educational Resources are being facilitated by Nellie Deutsch and an Indian WikiEducator Dr. Gita Mathur. You will be sent an email with a tutorial everyday, it requires 30 minutes per day to do this. Can be done at your convenience any time of the day. On line help will solve any problem you face. There will be 10-day lessons with weekends off. The aim of these workshops is to reach those who are unable to participate in Face-to-face workshops, and also to provide a facility to the existing Wikieducators to further polish their skills.
Workshop EL4C26 May 4-15, 2009 Korganizer.png REGISTER HERE

Workshop EL4C27 June 1-12,2009 Korganizer.png REGISTER HERE
Visit this link to read about Learning4Content Workshops. Also see the video on this page.
The boxes on the link here have links to the two workshops listed above. Course Layout, list of registered participants and all details are available for you at the links eL4C26 and eL4C27. Click on the boxes on these hubs and read. If you feel confident, you can even start your page before the workshop starts. Happy Exploring.
To see more details click on the web-page Dr. Gita Mathur. To register, click on the "Register Now" link on her web-page or any WikiEducator page, or send her an email and she will register you for either or both the workshops as convenient to you.
It will be an enjoyable experience to learn about e-Learning and Developing Open Educational Resources and also interacting with the global community of teachers and educators.

<h2 style="margin:0;background-color:#990000;font-size:120%;font-weight:bold;border:1px solid #a3b0bf;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:0.2em 0.4em;">My On Line Workshop EL4C37, April 19 - 30, 2010</h2>

Live session:

</div style="width: 640px; padding:30px; text-align:justify; -moz-border-radius:8px; border-width:4px; border-spacing:0px; border-style:outset; border-collapse:separate; vertical-align: center; font-family: Arial Unicode; font-size:11pt; background:LightSkyBlue; color:black"/>


Welcome Template for EL4C27

Welcome to Workshop EL4C27, an on line workshop: June 1-12, 2009

As there is still time to start, here is some Pre-Workshop activity for you.

  • Click on the link EL4C27.
  • The page which will open is our workshop page and will have all the links which you will be using during the workshop.
  • See your name in the list of participants.
  • Whenever you have time click on each of the boxes.
  • You may even start with Day 1 activities.
  • See the videos and slide presentations.
  • Learning on WikiEducator is fun too.

Template EL4C27

Welcome to Workshop EL4C27, an on line workshop: June 1-12, 2009

As there is still time to start, here is some Pre-Workshop activity for you.

  • Click on the link EL4C27.
  • The page which will open is our workshop page and will have all the links which you will be using during the workshop.
  • See your name in the list of participants.
  • Whenever you have time click on each of the boxes.
  • You may even start with Day 1 activities.
  • See the videos and slide presentations.
  • Learning on WikiEducator is fun too.

Template:Welcome Template EL4C27

Template for EL4C26

L4C-small 1.png
Welcome to EL4C26, a free online wiki skills workshop. To add your profile, copy the Profile template headings (you can always edit or add more information later), and go back by clicking on the back button. Then, click on "edit" at the top of this page, paste the template headings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, check "watch this page" box and click on "save page". You may want to learn more about personalizing the title of your userpage and/or other new pages. Please feel free to remove the welcome message. Enjoy the workshop.

EL4C54 - WikiEducator Learning4Content Workshop "Leveraging the potential of Open Educational Resources" from June 26 - July 10, 2013
Dear Participants of online workshop eL4C54 Welcome to my userpage. I am on your team of Facilitators & would like you to explore my page for many useful learning resources. You may like to see the presentation just below this note. Leave a note here by clicking on the edit above & I will be happy to help. Warm wishes ----Dr. Gita Mathur 11:56, 3 June 2013 (UTC)

Online presentation At The eL4C40 Live Session on 12.6.2010, at 07.00am(IST) at WiZiQ.
Wiki Skills and Collaborative Development of e-resources:

  • See the full size presentation at the above link and a small preview below.

The recording of the Live Session is available at the link below
Click here to see the recording of the Live Session To know about these workshops click in this link Learning4Content.

Test for Google Docs

Email Addresses for EL4C27 |)

=---- Facilitators - eL4C54


EL4C54 - WikiEducator Learning4Content Workshop: Learn Wiki Skills for leveraging the potential of Open Educational Resources
June 26 to July 10, 2013