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L3 Farmers Project
Lifelong Learning for Farmers Project of Commonwealth of Learning


Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has launched Lifelong Learning for Farmers (L3 Farmers) programme to help rural communities find appropriate technology-based open and distance education to improve their livelihoods. In this project COL partner with communities and organizations to make effective use of ICTs to facilitate learning for development.

Lifelong Learning for Farmers was introduced as a pilot project in four villages in southern India in 2004. Following the success of Lifelong Learning for Farmers in two rural areas in South India, COL launched the programme in Sri Lanka. The programme is also being adapted and introduced in Jamaica, Kenya, Mauritius and Papua New Guinea.

Key Partners

  1. Farmers: Rural farmers form an association and create their own vision of development for their village.
  2. Learning institutions: A consortium of learning institutions brings together expertise in agriculture, veterinary science, open learning and technology, serving as an information resource for farmers.
  3. Information and communications technologies (ICT) kiosks: These commercial ICT kiosks link the farmers to this consortium and also provide other useful information such as weather forecasts. The centres facilitate the transfer of information from scientific and research institutions to rural farmers.
  4. Banks: Commercial banks are encouraged to provide loans to farmers who have increased their knowledge, capacity and productivity thanks to information from the consortium and ICT kiosks.


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In The News

Workshop at ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India

Colws-icrisat.jpg COL has organized a workshop with the stakeholders in TechMode and L3 Farmers activities at the ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics) Campus, Hyderabad, India from 22/09/2008 to 23/09/2008. The main objectives of the workshop were to learn from the stakeholders their assessment of work so far and the opportunities for continuation, to agree on the process to document the work done and to discuss the concept of knowledge info-mediaries in promoting rural livelihood.

Content Development Workshop in Tamil Nadu, India

An L4C workshop for L3 Farmers in India is scheduled to be held at Arul Anandar College, Madurai in Tamil Nadu state, India from 16/05/2008 to 18/05/2008.

Country Nodes of L3F

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