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Welcome to Job Hunting 101.

Our goal in creating this page is to support you in your job hunt. Not just to find employment but to find the career that can move you forward because together we can do twice as much in half the time! Our team will learn to work as a team, helping ourselves while helping others. The purpose of this page is to support you while you support others.

As a college business instructor for over 10 years [1] I have felt that the intellectual property acquired with your diploma is somewhat useless if you can't find suitable employment, to practice your new skills, in a suitable amount of time.

Finding the position through your own job research can open opportunities to the hidden market that we may not realize existed. Getting ready for the job interview is a full time job in itself and takes practice and education to compete with others.

After being in a structured social setting such as college or university or if you have been displaced from your employment you may feel out of sorts and unable to move forward for lack of where to start. You may be a little unsure of what skills you have really acquired and how to verbalize what they are.

In this Wiki only the newest version is saved so you know it is always up to date. We will work independently to produce our own assignment and then in groups to create one example copy from participants interaction. We will work together to help bring out each others assets in a positive light.

Our Demographics

Our target market, the City of Hamilton is situated on the southern tip of Lake Ontario and is rich in history mainly due to our proximity to the great lakes and our major transportation modes, air, water and road. In the early 1900's Hamilton became the Steel Capital of Canada and had a large textile industry that spanned most of the downtown core.

Through the last century these foundries and their offshoot industries employed 80% of our population, allowing people to support their families and have a good middle class life. In 1980 Stelco's payroll was 12,000 strong but by 1998 that was wiled away to 1,200. When U.S. Steel purchased Stelco and Dofasco was taken over by ArcelorMittal, U.S. Steel shuttered their Hamilton plants putting well more then 1,500 men out of work. ArcelorMittal struggles every quarter. The shift has ended the steel monopoly and forced the offshoot industries to layoff and claw back their payroll.

Like Bruce Springsteen sang "Foreman says, "these jobs are going boys and they ain't coming back to Your hometown," [My Hometown lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.] With this shift in industry we no longer have a manufacturing sector as a fall back and we have to rethink our job and career prospects.

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Job Hunting 101 Course Outline

If you enjoy using this Wiki and have questions or if you want to start your own Wiki, follow the link below.


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[Link]] My Hometown lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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