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Course Length

This is a 10 day course.


Course outline: Answer the following questions to build your outline; any sections that do not apply don’t need to be added SECTION ONE: Basic information Course Name/ID/Code – how is the course labelled? Course length: days/weeks Resources: add in the website/location of the course – this is where we would put in the textbook if it was a classroom course Other resources: any links that the students need to use to complete the program, other than the location of the wiki (which should be under ‘resources’, above)

SECTION TWO: Purpose of this course and learning objectives You’ll write something like this: The purpose of the course is for students to gain an understanding of the jobs available in the Hamilton area, and give them the best start to achieve employment within the city. Students will be asked to use an interactive interface to build their own resources and interpersonal skills to obtain employment. They will interact with each other to learn on a peer level, and provide support where needed.

By the end of this course, students will know how to: (add in your COURSE OBJECTIVES) - List approximately 5 objectives. Use the following words to phrase them - Students will: o understand, describe, list, explain, evaluate, critically review, discuss, compare, comprehend, ….etc. words that imply action - just an aside for you: the actual definition of learning is to “create a permanent change in behaviour as a result of gaining new information”, so when we say they will learn, we need to expand to what behaviours they will change because of this course.

SECTION THREE: Assignments and evaluation Add in a table that looks like this:

Assignment/Task Description Evaluation of final grade DAY ONE Task You will be asked to create a 30-second infomercial to sell yourself as an employee. We do not always know what to say and how much information to provide to potential contacts or employers, so this assignment will allow you to formulate an excellent introduction that will attract employers to you. 25% DAY TWO Task …and so on

TIPS: - you are addressing the students, so write this to the students: o you will be asked to, your task is, you are expected to, etc. - give them the evaluation piece so that they know how important it is to their final grade