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30 Second Infomercial Checklist for an Interview

In day 1 we will read the material in our folder and compose our own 30 Second Infomercial.

Interviews can be daunting especially when you do not know how to approach employers - the key is to be prepared. Here are some recommendations. When you meet a representative at a career fair you should greet them with a firm handshake and a smile. You should begin with a 30 second introductory script that you have prepared and practiced ahead of time.

Take you time to compose your answer, always keep you answers short and sweet, and give the interviewer a chance to digest the information. If there is a pause and room feels quiet it is not up to you to fill the silence. That is the interviewers job.

Here is a sample format you can follow:

• 5 seconds: Personal information, degree, year, major

• 5 seconds: Why you are here and the type of opportunities or information you are seeking

• 5 seconds: Experience (work, internship, volunteering)

• 5 seconds: Accomplishments – work, classroom, activities and organizations

• 10 seconds: Knowledge of the company

Do your research before the interview so you are knowledgeable about the company. This will also ensure that after your introduction you can ask the employer a captivating question, e.g.. Can you tell me more about the new product you are developing? Or can you give me more details about your management training program? This will allow you to engage the employer in conversation.

Sample Script:

Hello. My name is Barbara. I am a life long learner with a diverse background in accounting and finance. I noticed on your website that you have an opening for an Office manager and I am interested in a position in that capacity. My background began mainly in manufacturing but gradually changed to education and also includes health care and customer service. I have led and managed groups in various stages of learning and development over the past 10 years, teaching bookkeeping, accounting and business application programs. I have completed 3 diploma programs at Mohawk College while working full time during the day. I have been following your company’s progress in The Spectator and on your web site since you entered into the Lion’s Lair contest on 2011. I was happy to be at Carmen’s when your company won first prize and I am excited to follow your progression in the future.


Create your 30 Second Infomercial

Copy and paste final answer in your assignment folder titled YOUR NAME, Assignment One Day One.