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This is the introduction page to get you started.

  • Working in a Wiki: Very simple, once you catch on to it. Once you begin to understand the syntax used, it is actually like working in a dos environment, you will wonder how you never thought of this before.
  • Purpose of a Wiki: is to gather information from a large pool of contributors. Each contributor will have the ability to EDIT and ADD valuable information for all other viewers to see.
  • A Word of Caution: Remember that all information is open content and anyone can enter this Wiki and anyone can contribute and view this information.
  • View a Wiki: If you are here, you may view all information and tabs but you will be unable to edit text or add to text until you set up an account.
  • Contribute to a Wiki: To contribute to a Wiki, you must set up a user account.
    • Look in the upper right hand corner to set up an account.
    • Once you set up an account, you are on your way to contributing and adding valuable information.
  • Add information to a Wiki: select the Edit tab at the upper right hand corner of the page. The raw material will appear and you can begin typing your information. Once you have completed your message, go to the bottom of the page and select Save Page. Your revisions will now appear.
  • Finally, click here [1], to view the home page.

If you enjoy using this Wiki and have questions or if you want to start your own Wiki, follow the link below.