Task Four Day Four

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Hypothetical Question:

The interviewer is attempting find out a little bit about you and how you handle yourself in day to day hypothetical situations. A hypothetical question asked what you do if a situation occurred, or how would you react if this happened to you. What would you do?

The answers have a logical step by step process to answering. Take you time to compose your answer, always keep you answers short and sweet, and give the interviewer a chance to digest the information. If there is a pause and room feels quiet it is not up to you to fill the silence. That is the interviewers job.

Sample Hypothetical Question:

What would you do if you caught an employee stealing from the company?

  • If I caught an employee stealing from the office supply cabinet, I would confront her, tell her what I saw, make her to put the items back and warn her that if I caught her again I would go to management.
  • If I caught an employee stealing major items or data from the company, I would go to management immediately.


Search the internet for hypothetical interview questions and answers.

In your assignment folder create 5 questions and supply the answer in your own words.