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Notes on Waves

Nature of simple waves

Description of Waves

Types of Waves


Standing Waves

Doppler Effect

Sonic Boom




Sound Waves

Electromagnetic Waves


Geometric Optics

Useful External Resources

These are few websites useful for revision

here for online series of physics textbooks eg on vibration and waves that you can download.

Physics simulations/ java applets Waves and other general physics java applets - this is a good website, it has definition, examples and quiz that can test your knowdlegde when studying for this paper..would recommend to use - rpra099

For information on Types of Waves, Doppler effect, Sound Waves, Harmonics and more! -

For a list of Physics formula and values check this out:

What is a wave?

For some questions on waves as well as plenty of other information on waves take a look at this: I thought it was pretty awesome =)

For a good explanation and a cool simulation of harmonic waves, check out this website:

good waves experiments on this one

Video on waves rlei021

Specific information on standing waves

Some useful information about heat very useful website, has explanations and examples aswell, but it directes you to the Heat and Temperature page which is not waves..the waves address is and from there you can click on any of the sections in Chapter 17 you wish to study for. i will leave the other address for study for the heat and temperature section :) (rpra099)

Wave on Wikipedia -

Resources for Interference of Waves---

A cool video showing the animation of two waves colliding And on a lighter note... check out this guys 'physics rap'

A great Physics tutorial site which can help with revising on waves:

An interesting demonstration on Brownian Motion -

Here is a interesting site which shows what is light, and more details about light -

Explanation of Brownian Motion and a Java Application example:

Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion:

How to make your own wave - >it's good to know how to make waves ... but not very useful for prepar for the coming exam. mche181

Difference between Transverse waves and Longitudinal waves:

Features of the waves -

To understand waves in physics -

The website resource covers waves, optics, mechanics, thermodynamics and electricity, it has videos to explain the theory THIS IS A PHYSICS CLASSROOM TUTORIAL. IT HAS REALLY GOOD RESOURCES ON WAVES

The example of waves (harmonics)= This is a very good site showing open and closed pipes when sound wave goes through it Jlai036

How to make your own wave -

info on wave interference

This is a helpful revision website, its pretty handy and dandy:

Information on a wide variety of physical science topics:

This is a fun simulation that shows how interference works:

this is a useful animation which demonestrate the interference of water waves.

They don't have everything but they're ok. rlei021