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'Beating' is a phenomena where sound waves of different frequencies interfere with each other, and to the human ear they create a rhythmic beating noise. This is a result of the alternating constructive and destructive interference caused by the two sound waves being at different frequencies.

Wave diagram for a Beat Frequency, and a diagram of the two individual sound waves that it comprises of

Unlike a normal interference pattern the resulting wave is not a standing wave, which means the nodes and anti-nodes are not in fixed positions. As a result of this the nodes and anti-nodes periodically reach our ears, which causes the rhythmic beating pattern; when we hear the anti-node we hear a beat and then the relative quiet of the node follows, followed again by a beat caused by an anti-node.

When we have two waves that interfere but with different frequencies.

E.g. strumming 2 or more strings of gutitar simultaneously or hitting 2 or more keys on a piano until the waves reasonate or else form a harmonic; (harmonising, Laman description) tune.

Beat Frequency Calculations

The beat frequency is defined as

fbeat = | f1 - f2 |

Beat Period

The period of a beat is related to the beat frequency by: Tbeat=1/fbeat

Practical Example

Beats can be further understood by two people walking in different strides (one taller and one shorter person). At some point in time their individual step will be in time with the others step and out of step.

Adding waves with different frequencies

External Resources

Beats simulation (*Beware*)

Beats simulation (Java Applet)


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