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-resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate at maximum amplitude at certain frequencies


Heres a link thats like an online interactive textbook. Will answer any questions you might have..: (dhic014)

Resonance occurs in objects that can vibrate. Each object has a frequency that they vibrate at, which is called the natural or fundamental frequency. When a forced vibration with a frequency that equals the fundamental frequency acts on the object, the amplitude of the waves increase, due to constructive interference. An example is the age old tale of someone singing a long high note and causing a wine glass to shatter. The person's voice has reached a frequency that equals the fundamental frequency of the wine glass, therefore causing the glass to resonate with an increased amplitude. As the amplitude increases, it becomes too much for the glass to stay at its original shape so it breaks. (rng021)

This page is very clear in getting the point across for resonance, so I would say keep this page.(mali074)

I rate this page 1,3 & 5. Keep this page, this is clear and helpful. a straight forward explanation of resonation where I am able to understand not only the defintion given but also look at other comparitve situations. For example; on a much larger scale to a womans vocal pitch/frequency resonating the strength of a glass to shatter it, more realistically, we can view earthquakes in the same mannor. However there are more scientific experiments/ tecnology such as invsisbility topics spoken about, which involve greatly the aspect of resonance but probably on a more chemically recognised level.

This page was very helpful, it kept right to the topic and was short and clear. It would be nice to see more examples and some diagrams.

Link very helpful, descriptive and easy to understand. More on Resonance would be helpful. Slar016 13:55, 28 May 2008 (NZST)

I found this page useful, it was clear and easy to understand. however one problem would be that it needs more diagrams- this may be helpful in the future for students who dont like reading much and prefer diagrams to aid their learning. (aiye004)