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It is important that you address the following questions which relate to your visits to businesses on Monday and post your answers on your personal Wiki Page.

  • How did we go?
  • What did you learn from your experiences?
  • Did you encounter any rejections?

This information forms part of your assessment and you will be marked accordingly.

Jobs for this Thursday
Thursday 01 July - Approaches to Businesses - Kendell, Lisa (co-ordinator), Maureen (may complete before) Jazmine, Alyssa, Alyce
Mini Balloon Makers - Sam, Bec, Amanda, Linley, Emma, Gayle (co-ordinator) Megan (co-ordinator)
Businesses that still need to be visited: West side of Rooke Street - Inc De Cuba, Kathmandu, Optimise, Fays Jewellers, Torque Mens Wear, Vin Reece, Roberts Real Estate, Picture This, So Gold & Silver,Toy World
Steele & Stewart Streets (Top End) Star Channel, Mason & Mason, Flesh Therapy,.
East Devonport: Argosy, Sport & Fishing, Fruit Market, Gingerbread House, Health Food Shop, IGA, Food Works, Edgewater
Fenton & Best Streets: Dannebrog, Molly Malones, The Eli, Gateway, Gowans Toyota, Hertz, Supacheap, Bob Jane.

Thursday 01 July - Team 1 Continue approaches to businesses as above - Team 2 Making Mini Balloon Displays
Monday 05 July - All students continue with Mini Balloon Displays
Thursday 08 July - Delivery Mini Balloon Displays to Businesses
Monday 12 July - to be advised
Thursday 15 July - to be advised
Monday 19 July - to be advised
Thursday 22 July - Jazz Festival begins