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Plan For Success - Jazz Festival 2010

Planning is mandatory for business success. Fail to plan and you plan to fail.

Planning is difficult because there is no immediate feedback as to its value. But if you think of starting and operating your business in the same way you might think about climbing a mountain, the purpose and advantages of planning become clearer.

When you start up the mountain you never know what to expect: sudden change in weather, lost or broken equipment, mistakes in maps, and an injury. Planning for these eventualities will allow you to deal with them and still reach your objective in spite of temporary setbacks. On the other hand, lack of planning can spell disaster. The more careful the planning, the more likely problems will be anticipated and not allowed to interfere with your ultimate business objective.

The Strategic Plan is your plan for success. You need to have knowledge, be skilled and confident in:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Business context awareness

To achieve these goals, we'll work our way through the activities contained in the "Learning Areas" links above.

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Group Activity

In smaller groups discuss what 'success' means to you. Time will be allocated within class for group discussion.
Record your learnings on your personal page.