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Teamwork is people working together cooperatively as a team in order to achieve a common goal.

Teamwork is defined as the work or activity of a number of persons acting in close association as members of an entity; however teamwork is more than just that. A recent article quoted, states that the purpose of gathering a team is to achieve an even larger goal than an individual working alone. Communication is the key to any well-organised team. Just as the captain of a plane must stay in constant communication with his co-pilot and the other members of his staff to keep everyone safe, members of a team should communicate every aspect of a project with each other. This way everyone stays involved and all requirements of the project are kept on track.

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As a team, you are required to develop a set of guidelines about professional presentation.  The guidelines are to be agreed to by all and are to be recorded on the Group Activities Page.  Time will be allocated within class for group discussion.