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Devonport Jazz in July

Welcome to Tourism Unlimited - a learning experience for Tasmanian Polytechnic students completing SIT30107 Certificate III in Tourism. Img-John.PNG

The Devonport Jazz Festival is an annual event held on the last weekend in July. As well as being a showcase for some of the best interstate and local jazz musicians, the festival incorporates education, food, dance, visual art and film. Devonport Jazz is in its ninth year and was established to generate excitement throughout Devonport over winter.  This wiki will assist you to reach the performance outcomes, interpersonal, communication and customer service skills and knowledge required to work in the service industries.

To be successful you will need to meet personal presentation standards, establish rapport with customers, determine and address customer needs and expectations. You will deal with complaints, learning appropriate communication techniques and approaches.


Unlike a traditional classroom this is open, active learning where you seek out more information to meet your own learning needs. As we work through this unit you will work individually, and collaboratively in teams and as a group. Your active participation is part of the overall assessment process.


In the Student Portfolios section, you each have your own page and are able to share your learning journey. This is where you build up the documented evidence which will form part of your overall assessment. As you work your way through this wiki, you will find activities to complete and record.


I heard a great quote recently … “You are not beaten ~ if you don’t stop.”  As you pursue your passion you will be tested from time to time. It is the universe checking to see if you are serious. I am not saying that life is meant to be a struggle all the time but I am reminding you that we will need tenacity and staying power to achieve all we wish to achieve.

It is critical that you are focused on your dreams, that you continue to develop yourself personally and that you have a clearly defined vision of what you want for your life ~ you know the legacy you want to leave. Too many people give up before they start or at the first sign that it maybe difficult.