Sustainable Tourism Practices/Getting Started

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Set yourself up for success

Before the course starts, work through these tasks to set yourself up for success:

Item Description
1. Setup for success
Review the course details
It is essential that you review the course details on the Home page. It contains the official course information and an overview of the course schedule.
Set aside regular study time
It is important to give yourself enough time each week to do the learning activities and assessments. This includes any scheduled hours of class time as well as other regular timeslots for readings, homework and assessments. Plan ahead to get uninterrupted time to ensure you keep up with the course work! It would be best to choose a time of day that you are usually alert and work well, rather than one when you tend to be tired and not able to concentrate.
2. Familiarise yourself with the main course elements
Online learning environment
Explore the navigation menu in the Sustainable Tourism Practices course banner at the top of the page. This menu will help you find your way around and allow you to return to the Home page if you get lost. The Course schedule is available from the navigation menu and the Home page.
Topics and Activities
In the Course schedule, each topic is linked to a description and list of useful resources, and a learning activity. We recommend that you do the activities as they appear.
Course blog
... add info about the course blog and latest post on the Home page ..
Review the Assessments overview for this course in the navigation menu to ensure you are familiar with what is required of you.
3. What is expected of you
Course expectations
You are expected to attend all sessions, participate in all learning activities, and complete all assignments and assessments.

You are expected to seek help if you find yourself struggling with course work or with other issues. This might mean talking with other students or talking with your teacher or contacting the Student Success Team.

During this course you can expect to spend about --- hours working on self-directed learning.

You can expect your teacher to treat you fairly, to provide you with feedback, and to return marked assessments in a timely manner.

Please take a few minutes to review your Student rights and responsibilities on the main OP Web site.