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The Blogging Handbook

If you are going to write well and post interesting material on your blog, there are a few things to think about. First of all, are you writing for yourself or for a specific audience? Or are you just hoping that if you write something, the hoards will come and leave tons of comments on your blog? Perhaps you are just dangling your toes on the surface of the precipice, and hoping that no-one will read what you write.

Sure it can be intimidating at first to post something which is public, and could potentially be read by millions of people. Hey you might have been forced to do it by an over zealous educator, or have been persuaded it was the "thing to do" by your mates. Even if you manage to get started and have recovered from the exhaustion of choosing templates and adding widgets and wiglets and followers and lists of links....or any number of gadgetry which blog platforms now seem to have, the first post is like your first kiss. Frightening!

Extroverts seem to revel in "strutting their stuff", while introverts will circumnavigate the globe before clicking the publish button. For most people it can be an agonising process getting their draft posts to a point where they feel they are worthy of public scrutiny. This is where we can help.


This is a good example of an interesting blog post. Have a look at the post and think about what makes it a good post. My PLE is like my cooky baking (PLE - personal learning environment) - by Sarah Stewart. Also My PLE 2009.

  • Write down a list of things to tell others why this is a good post.
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