Reflective Practice Tools

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Reflective Practice Tools

Many tools have been developed to help people reflect on their practice most incorporate three key elements that are then expanded or added.

  1. Identify, describe or review a situation/action.
  2. Explore or examine what was done from differing angles or viewpoints and what could be changed.
  3. Act or plan for action.

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Explore the following links. Can you find a tool within these links that works for you and can assist you to reflect on your teaching practice?

Kolb's experiential learning cycle can be used as a model for assisting with developing your reflective practice. It is explained in the 3 minute Kolb, a video by Cheryl Reynolds. Reflection is a key component in this learning cycle. This model is useful to explore as experiential learning is key to the learning and teaching approach at some tertiary institutions such as Otago Polytechnic.

Gibbs Reflective Cycle This reflective cycle is one that is used often by professionals in the health sector

Hegarty Three-Step Reflective Framework and template - developed by Bronwyn Hegarty (from Otago Polytechnic) as part of her Doctorate in Education research.

Reflection - this page by Daniel K. Schneider (created on 3 July 2006) will link you into a range of other models to explore.