Reflective Practice; Do I need others?

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Reflective Practice; Do I need others?

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Is reflective practice something that you do by yourself or do you need other?

Think about the following statement:

“it can be argued that “real” reflective practice needs another person as mentor or professional supervisor, who can ask appropriate questions to ensure that the reflection goes somewhere, and does not get bogged down in self-justification, self- indulgence or self-pity!” (Atherton, 2005, reflective practice, para 3).

Consider the following:

  • Would you agree or disagree?
  • Why?

Try the next activity

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Find a colleague willing to try this with you.
  • In pairs

 One person is to tell a story of what happened the last time they were teaching (only allow 2 minutes for the story)

– The other person is to listen carefully but not interrupt.

In the next two minutes

- The listener is to:

  • Clarify information 

  • Ask questions to find out more about the experience 

  • Swap the storyteller and listener around and repeat the exercise. 

Now consider these questions

  • What differed for you between telling the story and having questions asked about the story? 

  • How does this link to the quotation above?