Hegarty Reflective Framework and Template

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This is a reflective model and framework developed by Dr Bronwyn Hegarty (2011). The framework consists of a template that you as a practitioner can follow to structure your reflective writing in three steps. This encourages you to move beyond basic description about your experiences to analyse your actions, learning, and emotional reactions and thus examine your practice more critically and from different perspectives.

Follow the link to a template of the three-step reflective framework which you can use to guide your writing about your practice experiences. The template has headings and prompting questions for each of the three steps of reflection. You can either copy the headings into another document and write there first, or write directly into your journal, portfolio or blog.

You can download the 2014 version of the Three-Step Reflective Framework and template to guide you.
If you would like a template you can write in: Template for Three Step Reflective Framework.

Thesis Three-Step RF.jpg


Hegarty, B. (2011). A framework to guide professional learning and reflective practice. Doctor of Education thesis, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, NSW. http://ro.uow.edu.au/theses/3720