Copyright and Licensing Tutorial

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Understanding the basics of copyright law is essential when preparing open educational resources.

Copyright and Licensing for Open Educational Resources

This tutorial introduces Otago Polytechnic staff to two of the most important aspects of open education - understanding the do's and don'ts of copyright, and how to license the teaching resources you create. It is best to complete this resource after you have completed the introductory Open Educational Resources tutorial.

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Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing - Approx. time 60 minutes

Staff will develop:

  • An awareness of the different types of Creative Commons license and how they should be used in keeping with Otago Polytechnic’s IP policy
  • An understanding of copyright and copyright law, and how it applies to use of copyrighted material in open educational resources
  • An awareness of how to transform existing teaching resources that you developed into OERs without infringing copyright
  • A foundation for the Open Learning for Educators (OCL4Ed) professional development workshop on open educational resources