Exercise: Which sections of Otago Polytechnic's IP Policy apply to you?

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In the majority of cases, IP generated by staff at Otago Polytechnic will be openly licensed

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Otago Polytechnic's IP policy is divided into eight sections, each dealing with a specific publishing situation (listed below).

Which of the situations apply to your work, and which CC license should you use in each case? You can read the full policy here [[1]]

  1. Staff publications (e.g., academic journal articles)
  2. Student publications (e.g., journal articles)
  3. Work commissioned by Otago Polytechnic (e.g., reviews and reports)
  4. Publication of course materials and related documents by staff (eg, OERs)
  5. Publication of Polytechnic documents (e.g., operational documents such as policies and annual reports)
  6. Publication of externally contracted work (e.g., consultants writing reports)
  7. Publication of the work of others (e.g., associates of the Polytechnic, alumni, etc)
  8. Publication of materials developed by Mäori (e.g., IP generated by Iwi in collaboration with Otago Polytechnic)