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Welcome! This 45-minute tutorial leaps right into the exciting world of open educational resources (OER) and is intended for all teaching staff at Otago Polytechnic.

In recent years, Otago Polytechnic has adopted an open education philosophy as policy at an institution-wide level, a strategic move towards sustainable education. This professional development resource provides an introduction to what staff need to know to understand OER and to implement open educational practices in their own teaching.

This tutorial focuses on OER basics. It reveals why Otago Polytechnic has made profound and far-reaching changes to its academic IP policy, and explores how these changes will affect your day-to-day work in the business of education. Upon completion, it is recommended that staff complete the accompanying tutorial on OER copyright and licensing.

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Open Educational Resources

In this tutorial staff will develop:

  • An understanding of what Open Educational Resources (OERs) are, and what makes them distinct from other types of educational resources
  • An awareness of Otago Polytechnic's new IP policy, and the benefits of embracing Open Educational Resources for educators, students and society
  • An appreciation of the role of OERs in achieving Otago Polytechnic’s strategy for sustainable education
  • An understanding of what content licensing is, and how the Creative Commons licensing system can be used to transform resources you developed into OER form

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Tip: To make navigating this tutorial easier, use the green arrows (right) and begin by viewing the video signpost