Otago Polytechnic’s Intellectual Property Policy: Opening the Door to Sustainable Education...

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Welcome to this introductory professional development resource for Otago Polytechnic teaching staff. This two-part resource covers what teaching staff need to know about open educational resources, and provides guidance on copyright and licensing as it applies to preparation and delivery of teaching materials.

The course is divided into two tutorials, each taking approximately 45 minutes to complete, for a total working time of 90 minutes. It assumes no previous knowledge about the IP policy or open educational resources.

Course Overview: Purpose and Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this two-part professional development resource you will have a better understanding of Otago Polytechnic’s revised Intellectual Property policy, and understand its implications for staff who prepare, distribute and use teaching resources.

Introductory Tutorial - Discovering Open Educational Resources

In this tutorial, you will delve into the exciting world of open educational resources and discover why Otago Polytechnic has made them a priority. We recommend you complete this tutorial first.

(45 minutes)

Understanding Copyright and Licensing for Open Educational Resources

This tutorial introduces staff to two of the most important aspects of open education - understanding copyright do's and don'ts, and how to license educational resources properly.

(60 minutes)