Activity: Make an OER today!

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Thought exercise: Developing an OER from concept through to distribution
If nothing ever changed, there would be no such things as butterflies. — Wendy Mass

First, watch the short video on creating open educational resources [[1]]

Think about the teaching resources you have developed. How easy would it be for you to modify them for OER status? Pick one that you think might be well-suited for conversion to an OER.

  • Do some research: does a similar OER already exist?
  • How much third-party IP does your resource contain (text, pictures, videos, etc)?
  • What strategies would you employ to ensure copyrights are respected?
  • Would you need to remove/replace much content?
  • What license would you attach to your OER?
  • What would you do to ensure the quality of your OER?
  • How might you distribute your OER effectively? (hint: a little Web research may be needed)
  • What would you do to monitor the success of your OER once it was completed?