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As you must have realised by this time, everything that we do in the spreadsheet takes place inside of the cell. The cell is the smallest unit of the spreadsheet and it is when we put cells together that we get rows and columns. So even when we are talking about rows and columns, essentially, we are talking about a series of cells organised in a particular way in a single worksheet or the several worksheets that comprise the spreadsheet. Having said that, we need to emphasize that it is more than just the cell itself that we are interested in when we work with spreadsheets; it is the data in the cells that matters. In this section, you will experiment with various operations that can be performed with cells in relation to the content they contain.

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will:
  • Select and deselect cells, rows, columns
  • Insert, delete and modify one or several rows and columns
  • Make changes to the contents of cells
  • Shift cells
  • Use autofill to speed up data entry
  • Use the search and replace function
  • Sort data.

Subpages will be available in navigator, left here for easy access until navigator is complete.

The following sub-sections are covered in this tutorial:

Some ideas for the summary page:

  • Data is entered directly into the cell. The numbers and text that you type are entered directly into the cell that you clicked on. At the same time, this data also appears on the Input line of the Formula Bar.

Note that the Find command simply locates occurrences of the item(s). It does not do anything to alter their state. The replace command allows you to remove an item and replace it with something else.