Deleting rows and columns

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The command to delete a row or a column can be accessed in two ways:

  • Via the menu bar, select Edit > Delete Cells...
  • Via right-click, select Delete...

Immediate deletion

When you select one or more rows or columns before selecting Delete Cells..., Calc immediately deletes the selected row(s)/column(s), no questions asked.

Note that the selected rows or columns need not be adjacent.

The Delete Cells dialog

When you select a collection of cells that does not include a complete row or column before selecting Delete Cells..., the Delete Cells dialog displays. To delete a row or column select one of the bottom two commands. We will discuss the top two options on a later page.

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Let's continue our "Expenses" example. It is decided that there will be no food provided, so you need to delete row 4:
  • Select cell B4.
  • Select Edit > Delete Cells....
Delete Cells dialog

The Delete Cells dialog displays

  • Click on the Delete entire row(s) radio button.
  • Click OK.

Row 4 is deleted and the former row 5 ("Handouts") is now positioned in row 4.

Row 4 deleted, row 5 moved up

Oops, change it back. Food will be an expense.

  • Click the undo button, Calc3UndoButton.png, to reinstate the deleted row.