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You have now completed Getting to Know the Application. Before moving on to the next section, Working With and In Cells, let's summarize the concepts presented so far.


  • Using a spreadsheet means doing work in the work area -- the space comprising rows and columns that is on your computer screen at any given time. For it to be called the work area, it must be displayed on the screen. That work area will always be one of the worksheets of the spreadsheet that you are working on. The tabs in the bottom left corner of the work area will tell you which worksheet is being displayed. If the tab for Sheet 1 is highlighted, then it is the first worksheet that is being displayed. If you click on Sheet 3, then the third worksheet replaces the first on the screen.
  • The point at which a row intersects or cuts across a column is referred to as a cell. We will go into more detail about cells in the next section. All data in the spreadsheet are contained in the cells and these data take the form of text, values or formulas.
  • The smallest unit of work in a spreadsheet is data -- the text, numbers (values) or formulas entered (or to be entered) in the cells of the spreadsheet.
  • A collection of cells and data organized in one place is called a worksheet, or a sheet.
  • A spreadsheet is a collection of worksheets, each containing text, numbers (values) and formulas entered into cells, saved as a file in Calc with the extension .ods.
  • There are four toolbars available in the work area: (from top to bottom) Menu bar, Function bar, Formatting bar, Formula bar. The first three, Menu, Function, and Formatting bars, are common to all applications. The Formula bar is unique to Calc.


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