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A 4R Framework for OER

Introduction to open peer collaboration models for open textbook development

Wayne Mackintosh, Director of the OER Foundation, founder of WikiEducator and member of the international Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation which oversees the popular Wikipedia website, will lead a hands-on practical workshop on open peer collaboration models for the design and development of OER.

The workshop will commence with a critical refection on the concept of open educational resources with particular reference to the practical implications for collaborative and open resource development. Participants will consider the challenges and complexities of copyright and alternatives for open licensing to address these issues.

The workshop will use a wiki authoring model as an example to highlight important considerations which open textbook developers need to take into account. This hands-on approach will enable participants to interrogate red herrings, myths and the limitations of transparent and open peer collaboration approaches for the development of teaching resources. The workshop will also illustrate the potential of automated recongfiguration of OER for alternative delivery platforms and how institutions can save cost and time in the development of reusable learning resources.

The workshop will be suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced wiki users.

Session 1: Introduction to open educational resources, copyright and creative commons licenses (1 hour)

Description Time
Welcome and introductions 10 mins Individual introductions - One breath rule.
Why is freedom important in education? 5 mins View short video of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Chancellor of the University of the Western Cape in South Africa.
Fair and reasonable practice 10 mins Participants complete the fair and reasonable practice survey and compare their views with international opinion of fellow educators.
Towards a definition of OER 10 mins
The basics of copyright 5 mins
Introducing the Creative Commons licenses 10 mins
License compatibility 10 mins

Session 2: Basics of wiki editing (1 hour, 5 mins)

Description Time
Context questions and WikiEducator trivia
5 mins

  • How many participants in this workshop have published to the world wide web without the assistance of a webmaster or technical support person before? -- By the end of this wiki - taster every participant will have published to the world wide web.
  • How many participants have an active wiki account? (For example Wikipedia, Wikispaces etc.)
  • How many participants already have a registered account on WikiEducator?
  • What percentage of WikiEducator users would you estimate are first-time wiki account holders? (i.e. they have not created an account on any another wiki site before).
  • Does anyone know when WikiEducator project started, which now has 80,787 registered account holders?
  • What would you guess the average age of a WikiEducator account holder to be using this social software site for creating and sharing teaching materials?
Introducing Wikis 5 mins View video: Wiki's in plain English
Two views of a wiki 5 mins

Practical demonstration:

Creating an account and first edit
5 mins
  • Facilitator demonstrates how to create an account by showing the tutorial and screen cast.
  • Activity 1: Creating an account
  • Activity 2: First edit on your userpage.
Basic text formating 10 mins

Facilitor demonstrates basic text formatting features including:

  • Bold and italics text
  • Numbers and bullet lists
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Activity 3: Participants spend time practising their skills starting to complete their user page information.
  • Resource: Wikipedia's Cheat sheet
Rational for using wiki technology 10 mins
  • Facilitator demonstrates book feature
  • Demonstration of remix examples using WikiEducator's Links feature.
Creating a personal sandbox 5 mins

Facilitator introduces the feature of having a personal practice area for trying out new wiki skills.

  • Facilitator demonstrates the automatic feature to create a personal sandbox.
  • Activity 4: Users are invited to use the automated feature for creating a sandbox.

External links, internal links and new wiki pages 10 mins


  • Invites participants to create a sandbox on their user page.
  • Explains the difference between external and internal links
  • Demonstrates how to create an external link and asks particpants to create an external link in their sandbox linked from the user page
  • Demonstrates how to create an internal link and asks participants to create an internal link in their sandbox.
  • Demonstrates how to create a new page in the wiki.
Reusing images

10 mins

Conclusion (Optional)

Concluding video reflection:

Session 3: Collaborative design and development (30 mins)

Description Time
Examples of collaborative development
15 mins
Group discussion 15 mins
  • Group discussion of opportunities and challenges associated with collaborative development
  • Highlighting wiki tools for collaborative design and development.