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Many wikieducators, both novice and most expert, find it very useful to have their own practice page in the wiki. We call this personal practice page a sandbox. You will create it to be a link from your User page. Your sandbox is a place where you can safely practice wiki editing, including more complicated layout features, without worrying about inadvertently changing the layout on one of the main pages in the wiki or having to share a single sandbox with all the members of WikiEducator.

Activity to create a sandbox (or practice area)

The following activity is designed to automatically create a sandbox on your user page. Read the instructions once through carefully before beginning the process.

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Tip: If you pre-registered for a Learning4Content (L4C) workshop, your facilitator may have already created a sandbox for you. Check for a red or blue link called My Sandbox on your user page before proceeding with this tutorial.

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Creating a personal sandbox

Make sure that you are logged on to WikiEducator before proceeding with this activity.

  • Click on the button called "Add a My sandbox link on your user page" below to add a link on your user page to your new personal sandbox.

A new window opens.

  • Click on the Save page button beneath the editing window without making any changes or edits.

If you have done this correctly a link in red text, "My sandbox", displays on your user page.

  • Click on this red link.

Your sandbox page opens.

  • In the text box, enter some text, for example: "Content coming soon ...."
  • Click on the Save page button.

The text you wrote displays on your sandbox page.

Not sure how to proceed with the activity? Visit the show me how screencast for a practical demonstration. (Not recommended for low bandwidth connections)

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Don't worry if you find the procedure for creating a sandbox a little confusing at this stage. We haven't covered the method for creating new pages yet. We will be covering how to create new pages and links in a subsequent tutorial. This activity automated the syntax required for a dedicated personal sandbox connected to your user page.

Now that you have created your sandbox, it is time to work on formatting some text.