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There are a few ways to create links to external web sites in the wiki. You may simply type in the full URL for the URL page you wish to link to:


The wiki will automatically treat this text as a link (as has been done with the URL above) and will display the raw web address, including the "http://" part. It is recommended that you don't use this format much, as raw URLs are ugly and often give no clue to what the site actually is.

The best type of link for most situations includes a description after the address. This description appears as the title of the link e.g. eXe Web Site. To create a link like this just type a link and the description, separated by a space and enclosed in single square brackets:

   [http://www.exelearning.org eXe Web Site]

This will create a link to the eXe web site that appears like this: eXe Web Site

Enclosing the link in single square brackets without providing a description...


...will display the link as a number in brackets, like this: [1]. This format is mostly used for citing sources within an article. It looks like a footnote, so it's best to use it only as such (for example, following a direct quote or a statement which requires a source).

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Have a go at entering links on your user page sandbox.

Step 1: Click on the link to your user page (remember it's located in the top right of the screen) and open your sandbox page.
Step 2: Use the syntax descriptions above to add external links to your organisation's home page or your favourite blog into your sandbox.