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As a refresher before you begin the following activity, recall that each of the CC license terms may be represented by a symbol (or mark):

BY = Cc-by new.svg
SA = Cc-sa.svg
NC = Cc-nc.svg
ND = Cc-nd.svg

The GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) and a work available in the public domain (PD) may be indicated with the following symbols:

GFDL = Heckert GNU white.svg
PD = Cc-pd-new white.svg

Test your license remix knowledge

Icon qmark line.svg
Instructions for remix game

In this short exercise you will consider a number of remix scenarios to explore license compatibility.

The dealer will deal four cards, each representing an open educational resource (OER) you would like to aggregate for a derivative work. Each card has at its centre an icon representing its media type. The four media types are Text, Image, Audio, and Movie. Each card shows the license mark of the original resource. The work's license may be CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC-SA, or GFDL, or considered public domain.

Your intention is to include supporting text and guidelines for learners with each resource. In addition, you plan to author a preface for the compilation, thus the resultant work will constitute a derivative work. You will be able to choose an appropriate license for the derivative work in each example. The release of your own copyright must be compatible with the licensing requirements of the OERs used. (For the purposes of this exercise you are not required to make value judgements about the license choice.)

Six examples are presented. Click on the next button below to begin the remix game.

This activity is a remix inspired by the online version of David Wiley's OER remix game.

Feel free to try more examples by visiting the online version of the OER remix game. (Note that this will require Adobe Flash to play the game.)