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This page will be used for configuring the Resources into different teaching models and approaches for reuse, revision and or remix by participating institutions.

Teaching Models

Organizational Models for Free/Open Course Design & Delivery

A hybrid Organizational Framework for Open Course Design & Delivery

A hybrid Organizational Framework for Open Course Design & Delivery. This hybrid organizational framework looks at different aspects to be considered once designing in and for the open, types of stakeholders involved, etc. The framework has been developed since 2006, initially as part of the FLOSSCom project, then further as part of my PhD work that included pilot works with students from Aristotle University (Greece) and beyond, and is currently taken forward to the openSE project, which is developing an “open educational framework for computer science Software Engineering” as well as for the openEd 2.0 project, a FREE/OPEN course targeting business students and practitioners alike. For those that have a bit time at hand, be also welcome to browse through my PhD dissertation titled The Emergence of Free/Open Courses - Lessons from the Open Source Movement. This work investigates the nature of Free/Open Education with a particular focus at a course level. Initiatives such as MIT’s OpenCourseWare marked the start of the Open Educational Resource (OER) movement, a movement largely strategically driven at institutional levels. More recently one can observe however a further development within the educational domain that might be broadly characterized as ‘Open Courses’. These attempts, unlike the OER case, seem to be mainly driven at the individual educators’ level, but not be strategically addressed at the institutional level. Such ‘Open Courses’ seem to experiment with a range of different educational approaches, to promote different levels of openness, incorporate different sets of free and open tools and learning resources, and – to a varying degree – mix formal with informal learning, bringing together different stakeholders to be found on the web.It's all a work in progress, but perhaps serves to stimulate some ideas --Andreasmeiszner 15:04, 9 July 2010 (UTC)