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On this page we'll start developing the outcomes / syllabi for prospective courses in open education.   Content coming soon ....

Brainstorming a syllabus outline

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List the outcomes, knowledge, skills and learning experiences a graduate course on OER should cover. Contributors should consider the ground rules for brainstorming, that is:
  1. Focus on quantity
  2. Withold criticism
  3. Welcome unusual ideas
  4. Combine and improve ideas.

List ideas here ....

  • The concept of 'openness'
  • Openness in education
  • Openness and learning
  • What is an open educational resource?
  • The relationship(s) between structure and openness
  • Designing for openness
  • Open access
  • Creative commons licensing
  • Open courseware
  • Establishing an open culture
  • Open source software
  • Open tools for collaboration
  • barriers to openness
  • The freedom perspective: Libre knowledge, Software libre and Free Culture.