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The purpose of this page is to:
  • Compile an inventory of existing teaching materials including courses and tool kits that are available for future remix for a postgraduate elective on OER
  • Identify existing materials which are available in editable file formats and content licenses which enable remix.

Existing courses on OER

Course Title
Instructors /Facilitators
Learning Hours
Introduction to Open Education
Brigham Young University
David Wiley
Graduate course utilising an innovative learning model.  The course includes direct skills instruction combined with project-based learning and collaborative problem solving. In addition, the course is a large muti-player role-playing game where learners assume particular roles and work progressively through increasingly complex problems called quests. There are no precribed texts and the course utilises open access materials available on the Internet.
Composing free and open online educational resources

Teemu Leinonen and

Hans Poldoja

40 - 60 hours
The course aims to support participants in developing the skills to find, create and share free and open education resources online. The course schedule contains weekly readings and assignments. Participants are required to maintain a reflective blog  demonstrating understanding and critical assessment of assigned readings. Participants ade encouraged to include original thoughts and synthesis of each other's ideas.
Copyright for Educators
P2P University
Delia Browne
The course aims to help educators identify copyright issues in education and provide a firm grounding in copyright, exceptions and, licensing.  The course is taught around practical case studies faced by teachers when using copyright material in their day to day teaching and educational instruction. Case studies are supported by open access resources available on the Internet.
Toward Open Eudcation Online Program Development Fund (OPDF) Grant BCcampus.ca Co-ordinator Brain Lamb  ?  ? The creation of an open course for educators that will help them to explore and hopefully resolve some of the issues faced when using an OER. The course is being developed in collaboration with The Univeristity of British Collumbia ,College of the Rockies, The University of Victoria, Royal Roads University and Capilano University, who will be sharing their experiences in the form of case studies.
Integrating OER in the classrooom
CC-BY (However some elements use more restrictive licenses)
Curriki worked with 6 distinguished professors to develop this course on integrating open educational resources into the classroom. The course is broken into 6 chapters that cover an introduction to OER, licensing, searching/finding OER, creating your own OER, using OER in the classroom and mixing and remixing with OER. The chapters can be used in sequence or independently.

Professional development workshops

OER training resources

Tutorials & Toolkits

Open textbooks on OER

Open access research on OER

Open access OER case study materials

Selected open access rich media

User submitted examples of pedagogical approaches and OER courses

Course Title
Instructors /Facilitators
Learning Hours
Sofia Project
Foothill College
Judy Baker
Eight community college level courses: Creative Typography, Elementary Statistics, Physical Geography, Enterprise Network Security, Introduction to Java Programming, Introduction to Macromedia Flash, Musicianship II, Webpage Authoring

Free and Open Source Software Development

Australian National University
Dr Andrew Tridgell and Bob Edwards
Video and slides
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License
This course aims to teach students about FOSS in a very practical manner. Students will learn about FOSS by studying and participating in real projects, with practical tutorial sessions making up most of the course time.

The course will be run over five intensive days at the ANU in Canberra, and will be led by a lecturer with 20 years of experience in developing FOSS software. Interspersed with the practical sessions will be a series of lectures explaining important aspects of FOSS development.

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