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Phase 1: Analysis

  1. Identify individuals and institutions who will collaborate on developing syllabi and OER course materials for a postgraduate elective course(s) in open education. (Institutions are encouraged to incorporate these course materials into existing postgraduate programmes and where appropriate implement local approvals for instituting postgraduate course electives on open education.)
  2. Compile an inventory of existing courses, professional development and training materials on OER
  3. Develop syllabi and course outlines for prospective courses and electives on OER.
  4. Map existing open content materials to the course outlines above to identify the gaps where OER materials may need to be developed and/or revisions to existing open content resources.

Phase 2: Design

  1. Describe alternative pedagogical models for teaching
  2. Describe processes and approaches for creating new and or revising and remixing existing materials.
  3. Establish international teams to assist with development.

Phase 3: Development

  1. Content coming soon

Phase 4: Teaching

  1. Content coming soon

Phase 5: Evaluation

  1. Content coming soon.