Composing Open Education Resources: Approved course outline, Otago Polytechnic

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Course Outline

Composing Educational Resources

SMS Code LT726001 Directed Learning hours 20
Level 6 Workplace or Practical Learning hours 0
Credits 10 Self Directed Learning hours 80
Prerequisites Nil Total Learning Hours 100
NQF Unit standards assessed in this course: N/A
This course approved in another Programme No

Name of other Programme: N/A


This course is designed to help learners access and interpret models, and explore and develop professional expertise in the composition of free and open online educational resources for use in learning and teaching environments.

Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Search knowledgably for free and open online educational resources
  2. Manage lists of educational resources that have been sourced
  3. Compose, critique and republish educational resources in an accessible and reusable way

Indicative Content

  • Search Techniques
  • Managing collections of resources
  • Copyright and our rights to copy
  • Finding, creating and publishing texts
  • Finding, creating and publishing reference materials
  • Finding, creating and publishing pictures
  • Finding, creating and publishing audio
  • Finding, creating and publishing video
  • Networking and sharing


Assessment Activity
Learning Outcomes
web log (Blog) postings
1, 2 & 3
Presentation - online



Access to a computer and the internet