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Software Libre (or libre software, or Free software)[1] is software released in a way which grants users the freedom to run, copy, study, change, improve and share the software.
See The Free Software Definition.


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Learn about libre software:

  1. in General
  2. using libre software
  3. as an advocate of
  4. advanced aspects - more depth in selected areas
  5. on phones and other devices
  6. as a contributor.
    • as a user
    • as a developer.


  1. NB This and some of the related pages use the term "libre software" instead of "free software" which has an ambiguity. The "free" in "free software" is "free as in freedom" or "free speech" (i.e. not the other meaning - gratis - free of charge). Some people prefer to use the term "open source software" but that term misses the point of free software. Nevertheless, when searching for information on libre software, this term may also prove useful.