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A place for bite-sized projects that can be dealt with by individuals, potentially as course projects.

Current focus

Architecture for Humanity exhibition

Create some kind of presentation which speaks to the philosophy of our design and design process.

  • The show starts May 8.


A simple page that allows us to give out a single 'project website'.

  • (Can explore various forms of information presentation)



Do logo/branding/image design.

  • (Could be an art-student school project.)
  • (Should be done before the creation of an external webpage)

Could happen?

CAD explorations

Does anyone want to gain experience with CAD design tools? We'd love to have some shiny CAD sketches of house shapes that can be added to later. Even just some simple sketches of existing tiny houses such as the Tumbleweed tiny houses. Any program/tool that you want to explore using would be acceptable, I've just head many things about CAD design and so assume that it is the standard that most people use and would aim to learn.

Journalism/Publication writing

If someone want to practice writing, we've been considering putting together a blog that people can follow if they aren't interested in active or regular participation. Probably end up writing a mixture of progress summaries, media statements, interest stories, and comments on current difficulties or areas of contention.

Project Visualisation

Create a visualisation of the project's layout so that people can see what's where and the ratios of volumes of information?

  • (Computer Science graphing/imaging project)
  • (Could be in the form of an uploaded image. Or it could be self updating)


ECU Ecological Perspectives Class: Major Project

We've been asked to create a video, community project or systems design on one of 5 topics (one of which is passive home design.) What we're working on is really a combination of all 3.

  • Completed March 16th

UBC ASIC 200 PBL Project

An interdisciplinary course project based around suggesting improvements in building construction. We ended up writing a full grant proposal for an interesting idea, but not one directly connected to this project.