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We currently have a lot of questions about the specific legalities of building tiny houses. We have heard that tiny housing often faces a great deal of barriers in certain locales, because of existing bylaws designed to keep market values high and the riff raff out.


  • What are the legalities of building a house? What if we want to market/continue it?
  • What about a mobile house? parallels with motorhomes/trailers?
  • Are there important differences between local jurisdictions (ie. BC, Alberta, US, California?)
  • Will it be easier to deal with if it is mobile or not?
  • What is the definition of a 'mobile' home?
  • What is the definition of a 'home'
  • Land buying/owning activities?
  • How much does land cost?
  • Is there a way to buy an appropriately small parcel of land? What are the legal implications of subdividing?