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Patrick and Varouj are running a laneway housing show in april. this is different than the one by Bill in the Strathacona room on March 3rd.

Our topic?

Contributions to the show might include: our philosophy of the design process, the house that we intend to build, and the economic model which we are working with to manufacture and distribute.

  • Design process:
    • collaborative web-based design is a new and interesting methodology, which Architecture for Humanity seems particularly interested in. experimenting with it and developing an understanding of what works and what doesn't will make us very valuable people in the future.
  • The house design Philosophy:
    • we were talking about this yesterday at design T. it's the idea that we can design a house in order to alter the way people behave. eg, design a kitchen with shallow cupboards and lots of places to keep fruit and veg, and people will eat more fruit and veg. have a place for everything and everything will more likely be in its place. essentially, we can play with the design as a social experiment- and I think this will be something the architecture students won't have considered.
  • Access economic model:
    • something we've been talking about for a while- the open source version of setting up a business. sort of like a library, or our community bikes- it works on the basis of teaching, diy etc. so we would sell (in addition to actually building the houses) plans and instructions for the houses, workshops, and consulting on other projects. this works really well during economic downturns, when people need to share to save money. hooray!


I like the idea of using our brainstorming and practice sketches to showcase our collaboration process. How do designers present such stuff? An academic would write a paper. Should I write a paper? and then have it along side what you guys do? There's no reason to only use the design process!

Would a performance piece be appropriate in the show? Specifically a hackathon/wiki-raid/design-T where we get a bunch of people to sit on the floor with a bunch of computers and let them work on the project. We could have extra computers for passers by. and some people working on paper sketching and whatnot. (I like the pictures of the dinner you put on :)