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What current and past projects are out there?
What can we learn from them?
By recording what has worked well in other projects, perhaps we can improve our own project.

Case Studies

The Gypsy Caravan

One of ScottGeoffrey's family friends is building a trailer fashioned after old-style gypsy caravans.

Solar Decathlon

A regular competition to build efficient and comfortable solar powered houses. A 'case study' of this might actually look at what has worked best amongst the many houses over many iterations of the competition.

Most of the projects seem to have keep their designs fairly secret. Scott would be interested in writing up a request for access to one of the participating universities' designs.

Compost Heating Water

A (working) attempt to use composting material to heat water.

Will Penderson's tiny house

A guy is building a tumbleweed tiny house in Abbortsford BC.


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