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This is a list of systems that could be integrated into the home, to create a fully cyclic ecosystem of input and output resources.

Energy Sources (energy in)

Where does our energy come from?

Sources of energy to power our hardcore technology addictions and other less important things like cooking food or heating water have been a major source of discussion throughout the project. Wonderful people like Tim and Kenneth from Queens University have been bouncing ideas back and forth with us, and have proven themselves an incredibly valuable resource.

Energy Usage (energy use)

Discussions around conserving energy and organizing electrical systems in the home.

Food Production (food in)

  • growing food on the roof or greenwall
  • user integration into CSAs and Community Gardens
  • groups of home growing monocultures, so residents must trade
  • homegrown fish farms, mushrooms, grain growth (and fermentation), algae, insect farms. other crazy ideas?
   * can food be produced on, or in, the house, how much?
         o Food in the roof idea. Use the attic as a greenhouse type space. Would the plants act as insulation?
         o What percentage of a person's diet would it be feasible to grow on the roof of a 65-392 square foot house? (numbers taken from Tumbleweed Houses) 
   * can the user be encouraged to use CSAs and to consume locally? how can this be done? explore user interface options which clarify the connection between the user and the local community/ economy/ environment...?
        1. Perhaps by putting careful thought into what spaces are provided for food storage, the designer can influence the user's general choices of food. For example, a proportionally larger 'crispers' in a cooling unit to support larger volumes of fruit and veg.
        2. Support not taking near food storage. Magnetic fridge fronts are a wonderful invention when they are used for shopping lists. 
   * how can waste be processed? should food and human waste be processed together or separately? what are the options? (eg, solar composting, vermiculture, mechanical systems...)
         o Sanitary? 

Waste Composting (food out)

  • composting toilet
  • vermicomposting for kitchen scraps
  • all home compost together (to deal with component imbalance problems)

Water Collection and Filtration (water in)

  • vertical water collection tower
  • living machine for filtering water. showers? toilet flushing? dish/clothing washing? could it be safe for drinking and cooking?
  • how can we collect water? how much?
  • how can this water be purified?

Water Heating (water use)

  • we had the idea to run a hose through the heat-producing compost with the water from the home running through it. this would heat the water for showers, washing dishes etc.
  • backup system for heating water?

Grey Water Processing (water out)

  • using bio-safe soaps and cleaning methods
  • could grey water be filtered in the same way as the collected water? does it need extra processing?
  • what will be done with greywater? can we recycle it?
  • There's a number of greywater treatment systems as well as various info on water treatment on Appropedia.