Libre Knowledge Resources Development Cycle

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The following is a rough sketch/outline describing a typical development cycle for libre learning/knowledge resources.

Libre Knowledge Resources Development Cycle

  1. First Find a knowledge/learning resource
  2. Then either Share it immediately without change, or use it (i.e. Learn with it):
    1. Learn with it "as is", or
    2. Compose a learning resource which better suits your need(s):
      • Perhaps Create something completely new off the top of your head, or
      • Modify the resource:
        • Simply change or enhance it somehow, or
        • Adapt it to your needs - e.g. by one or more of the following:
          • "Localise" it - e.g. change things like dates and currencies to match local conventions (your "locale")
          • Re-contextualise it - e.g. use metaphors which the relevant learner(s) can relate to, or familiar local examples which illustrate a concept rather than foreign, etc.
          • Translate it into the local language(s),
          • etc., and
          • Perhaps combine or mix it with other resources you have composed or found (licenses permitting) (Build).
  3. Finally, you might like to Share the result(s) with other learners and educators, adding to the pool of Libre Learning Resources.


  • The process described assumes that the resources will be used, mixed and shared in accordance with their licenses.
  • "Libre Puro" is currently an idea for a possible license, but will more likely become another emblem similar to the Libre emblem - Libre-emblem.png

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