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The Libre Knowledge emblem (discuss) signifies libre knowledge or a "libre resource".

Please go ahead and discuss or edit this page to produce a coherent proposal of how to use the libre emblem on various things (virtual, physical, ...) ...


The idea for a libre emblem arose as an alternative to a "libre license" in the face of opposition to a proliferation of Creative Commons-like licenses. The Creative commons licenses were deemed sufficient by most and few people supported launching this license. In some ways, the concept of a license is anti-libre, though in the current situation (with regard to copyright) such licenses are needed.

Libre Emblem

The libre emblem was originally[1] promoted at as follows:

By placing this Libre Emblem emblem on a web page, you are indicating a libre resource and acknowledging libre community values.

To do so, paste text such as the following HTML into your page:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img alt="Libre Knowledge" title="Libre - Free"
 style="border: 0px solid ; width: 72px; height: 24px;"

Which will result in[2]:

Libre Knowledge

See Licensing.

(Kim Tucker)

The idea progressed from a "libre license" to a "libre emblem" when the community seemed to prefer not to proliferate licenses. The Libre Puro license, in a bottom-up way, gets around the incompatibilities between GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike[3], and still stands as a proposal, though likely to go the same way (i.e. become an emblem rather than a license) in future.

Here, we discuss the libre emblem, consolidating its use on knowledge resources (documents, software, web pages, and other digital resources) and extending its use to include physical devices, components and real world objects.

Specifically, we have in mind devices whose architecture is libre. The idea does not need to stop at electronic devices.

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Check that the entries are really libre, correct and extend the list below:

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  1. started redesigning their web site and last time I checked had not finished. The libre and libre puro emblems might still be there.
  2. NB This is a 'mockup' using a copy of the emblem on WikiEducator and which links back to WikiEducator. It does not show the title and alt properties of the HTML image tag.
  3. Libre Puro resources may be mixed into Attribution and Attribution-ShareAlike resources, though the result would have to drop the Libre Puro label.